Brewed in a coffee shop, four hours deep. Armed with a ring in a couple of weeks...

It all started in a coffee shop when we met up to talk about work. Four hours later we were still talking. Things moved pretty quickly after that. A few weeks after meeting for the first time we purchased a ring and a few short months after that we got married! I guess you really do know when you know ;)!

In 11+ years Adam+Grace have added three beautiful babies to their family, two business triumphs, a whirlwind of moves, jet-setting adventures, and even added a furry friend to complete the mix!

Adam joined the wedding business and from that moment on, the dynamic duo began capturing love stories across Ireland, the UK, Europe, and beyond!

Grace, dived headfirst into the wedding photography hustle, wielded her lens to capture love stories with a modern, artistic twist. About a year down the road, Adam joined forces to create the talented duo they are known as today. Their lens has since canvassed weddings and tales of love across the diverse landscapes throughout Ireland (North and South), as well as in England, Scotland, Wales, France, Switzerland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, and Spain.

Amidst the whirlwind, they've been blessed with three beautiful babies, danced through a blur of house moves, rocked the entrepreneurial scene with two thriving creative businesses, and even tossed a Labradoodle (Arthur) into the mix! 


Almost 15 years ago, our journey in the realm of wedding photography began. It's the very foundation where our love for contemporary photography started. As we approach another year of creating visual narratives, we find ourselves consistently booked well in advance so if you're considering our work for your big day! Get in touch soon and tell us everything you have planned! 

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